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No ball games at Rec Clubs

The Principal Bodies Corporate have implemented a rule at the Rec Clubs to ban all ball games. This is due to the risk of breaking the glass pool fencing and the decision came in response to Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S) legislation which dictates that a committee must act if they determine a hazard in a public area. 

Our Security Team will be enforcing this rule.

Please note that tennis balls are only allowed on the tennis courts and that ball games are still allowed on the Rec 2 oval.

Pivit 'Make Your Own' Plans

It appears that a number of lot owners and residents are unaware of the new "Make Your Own" internet and telephone plans that are now available from Pivit.  To see if you can save money on your internet and telephone plans with Pivit, please go to their website at

Security alert re dangerous play on gates

Our Security Team has advised that some local children are playing/riding on the gates (that are run by high torque electric motors) at the entry to some of our estate's gated areas. Children/teenagers acting in this way place themselves in a very dangerous situation that could cause significant harm to both the child and the gate. Please chat to your children about the dangers of this type of activity. If you notice children playing on any gates then please call Security on 5501 9299.

Apply for a green waste bin

You can still apply for the green waste bin service from the Gold Coast City Council which has been in operation since March 2013. The green waste bin will be serviced fortnightly on the alternate week to the yellow lid recycling bin and currently costs $1 per week.. This service will be a great way for residents to help keep gardens and lawns neat and tidy. As this is an optional service YOU MUST APPLY for the new green waste bin.

To apply for a green waste bin or for more info call 1300 694 222 or 5581 6799 or apply online at


Water conservation - check your sprinklers

Did you know that South East Queensland is still working under the Queensland Water Commission's Permanent Water Conservation Measures (PWCM)? The PWCM relates to the use of town water (not including recycled water).


Many residents are understandably using their irrigation systems at the moment. Please check your sprinklers to ensure that you are using water efficiently, even when using recycled water. Some systems have been seen not working properly including sprinkler heads not popping up (under grass) and spraying in the wrong direction (including onto driveways and roads).


Be a responsible pet owner

Are you a responsible pet owner? Did you know that pets in Coomera Waters must comply with both CW by-laws and Gold Coast City Council local laws?  Here's a list of all the rules ...

DOG rules according to the Gold Coast City Council's Local Law No. 12 (Keeping and Control of Animals) requires all dogs to;

  • be kept on a leash at all times when in public areas on the Gold Coast ($150 fine)
  • be kept under effective control ($150 fine) even when in an off-leash area
  • have their droppings picked up after them ($75 fine)
  • be microchipped and registered.


Our CW by-laws also state that dogs;

  • must be kept on a leash at all times on our estate (apart from when they are on their owner's property) even if they are well-behaved. This important rule helps ensure the safety and wellbeing of other residents, other dogs and wildlife.
  • droppings must be promptly picked up and disposed of in an appropriate way
  • must be kept clean, quiet and under control at all times (even when at home) which includes controlling barking, digging and disruptive behaviour
  • must wear an identifying tag and/or be microchipped


CAT rules from Gold Coast City Council require all cats to;

  • be kept on their owner's property AT ALL TIMES - you can be issued with a $75 fine if your cat is found outside your property and the animal may be impounded
  • wear an identification collar
  • be microchipped
  • be desexed at an early age
  • cat registration is no longer required by Council.


Our CW by-laws require that cats;

  • be kept on their owner's property AT ALL TIMES (unless in a vehicle or on a leash)
  • be kept indoors overnight from 6pm till 6am
  • wear an identifying tag or be microchipped
  • be clean, quiet and under control
  • wear a bell on their collar to help protect local wildlife.


Animal registration forms are available from the Council website  

Complaints about animals/owners breaking the Council rules can be lodged via

Complaints about animals breaching CW by-laws need to be made via your local Body Corporate Manager. Click here for those details.

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