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Be a responsible pet owner

Are you a responsible pet owner? Did you know that pets in Coomera Waters must comply with both CW by-laws and Gold Coast City Council local laws?  Here's a list of all the rules ...

DOG rules according to the Gold Coast City Council's Local Law No. 12 (Keeping and Control of Animals) requires all dogs to;

  • be kept on a leash at all times when in public areas on the Gold Coast ($150 fine)
  • be kept under effective control ($150 fine) even when in an off-leash area
  • have their droppings picked up after them ($75 fine)
  • be microchipped and registered.


Our CW by-laws also state that dogs;

  • must be kept on a leash at all times on our estate (apart from when they are on their owner's property) even if they are well-behaved. This important rule helps ensure the safety and wellbeing of other residents, other dogs and wildlife.
  • droppings must be promptly picked up and disposed of in an appropriate way
  • must be kept clean, quiet and under control at all times (even when at home) which includes controlling barking, digging and disruptive behaviour
  • must wear an identifying tag and/or be microchipped


CAT rules from Gold Coast City Council require all cats to;

  • be kept on their owner's property AT ALL TIMES - you can be issued with a $75 fine if your cat is found outside your property and the animal may be impounded
  • wear an identification collar
  • be microchipped
  • be desexed at an early age
  • cat registration is no longer required by Council.


Our CW by-laws require that cats;

  • be kept on their owner's property AT ALL TIMES (unless in a vehicle or on a leash)
  • be kept indoors overnight from 6pm till 6am
  • wear an identifying tag or be microchipped
  • be clean, quiet and under control
  • wear a bell on their collar to help protect local wildlife.


Animal registration forms are available from the Council website  

Complaints about animals/owners breaking the Council rules can be lodged via

Complaints about animals breaching CW by-laws need to be made via your local Body Corporate Manager. Click here for those details.

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