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Coomera Town Centre update (March 2016)

From Councillor Cameron Caldwell, "I always receive lots of enquiries about the status of the Coomera Town Centre, so I just spoke to Westfield now for the latest. I am very proud to have got this project back on track and help Coomera reach its potential as a key centre for the north of our city. The Town Centre was granted a development approval by Council in March 2014. The approval had a state government imposed condition that effectively required the upgrade of exit 54 before the Town Centre could proceed.

"We were able to secure the upgrade of exit 54 which is well underway, and that has cleared the way for Westfield to proceed. At the end of last year Council granted approval for staging of the development, and the site has been completely cleared. The Town Centre is still moving ahead and we are awaiting Board approval from Westfield for them to commence bulk earthworks later this year. As an indication of how serious Westfield are about the Town Centre, they have recently contributed $9.7m towards exit 54, and their partner QIC contributed $7.6m."

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