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Don't dump waste or park on Council fire trails

In the lead-up to fire season, Wasp Creek Rural Fire Brigade is working to reduce the risk to all homes and properties within our area. In recent inspections Wasp Creek discovered that some residents in Coomera Waters are dumping garden waste over their fences onto the Council fire trails that run at the back of homes. Some residents are also parking on the trails. These actions increase the bushfire risk to CW homes.

These fire trails are established as a buffer between homes and the natural bushland and it is imperative that they be kept clear to reduce the fuel loading. It also allows a clear access should a fire truck be responded to a fire call. It is illegal to dump waste on these Council fire trails (fines can be incurred). So please do not dump waste or park on the trails.

Please note that it is also against the CW by-laws to dump waste on any body corporate common property. So please don't just dump it - be responsible and considerate when disposing of any waste.

Here's the link for Council's green waste collection service which is available in Coomera Waters