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Updated parking rules in CW

The Principal Bodies Corporate, in consultation with the Neighbourhood Bodies Corporate, recently reviewed parking across the estate. The following list has been passed on to Security who are using it to continue monitoring parking on behalf of the bodies corporate.

Parking by-laws are required for the safety and protection of vehicles, residents and common property in Coomera Waters. Thank you for your assistance with these rules:

  • Parking is permitted on the roadways (next to the kerb - not on the kerb or on the grass) and visitor carparks during the day and up to midnight. The only exception to this rule is there is to be no parking on roadways in Harbour Front (Brindabella) for safety reasons on their smaller sized roads.
  • Parking on the roadways and visitor carparks between the hours of midnight to 6am will incur an infringement notice.
  • Parking is not permitted at any time on the footpaths, nature strips, swale drains and other common property vegetation areas.
  • Residents may park on their own driveway with the vehicle protruding beyond the post box boundary but not encroaching on the road.
  • Parking breaches by tradespersons etc are to be monitored and policed by Security, discussing with the offending persons to move their vehicles to appropriate parking areas when required.
  • Once three infringement notices have been issued to the same vehicle, then Security will seek instructions to place a hard-to-remove sticker (designed to be a deterrent) on the offending vehicle from the respective neighbourhood body corporate representative. Each neighbourhood body corporate committee makes their own determination re the use of stickers.
  • A resident can seek permission from their neighbourhood body corporate to park on a temporary basis within visitor car spaces or on any part of common property (incl. roadways). Permission can be sought from your Body Corporate Manager (details page 2) or from Security via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will pass the request onto the relevant neighbourhood body corporate committee.
  • If short-term parking approval is given, the resident is to obtain a parking permit from Security to be displayed on the dash when parked on the approved common property area.