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Collect your replacement Rec Club access fob ASAP from CW Management Office

A new access control system for the Rec Clubs was put in place in August 2014 following the unfortunate corruption of the previous system's software. Thanks to everyone who has collected their replacement fobs. However, there are still a lot of residents who need to collect their fob. One fob has been designated to each CW home - one adult resident from each home needs to collect it.

If your fob is not blue & black then you need to collect your replacement fob from the CW Management office ASAP.  The old fobs will no longer work. Their marina office (located above the Sales Office) is open Mon to Fri 8am-4pm and Sat 8am-2.30pm. Their office number is 5561 8809.

You will need to fill out a Registration Form when collecting your fob so please bring PROOF OF CURRENT ADDRESS including your driver's licence, official bills or your rental agreement. Click here for the Registration Form - you can opt to print this out and complete beforehand - please leave the FOB number blank at the top. Copies of the form will also be available at the CW Management Office.