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Severe Weather Warning 30th March 2017




The city is currently experiencing heavy rain and windy conditions. Up to 200 millimetres of rain may fall in the hinterland and along the coast today and in to tonight.

Everyone is urged to be aware of the likelihood of localised flash flooding.

Some roads have been closed already. Information on road closures can be found at

phone 13 19 40.  Some gale force, wind gusts of up to 80km/h are possible along the coastline.

You can prepare your home by securing any loose outdoor items. We urge you to do that this morning.

Do not drive through flood waters.  If you are caught or you see someone stuck in a flash flood, phone Queensland Fire and Rescue Service on 000.


(Source: Gold Coast City Council – Facebook page


 To stay up to date with the latest weather and traffic announcements please refer to the below links


Stay Safe

Coomera Waters Managment Co Pty Ltd

PIVIT - Coomera Waters Phone System Upgrade (Feb 2017)

Message to residents from Pivit - February 2017


If you do not have a Pivit provided phone line or do not live in a gated area at Coomera Waters, please disregard this message.


Over the coming weeks, Pivit will be progressively upgrading the telephone platform on which your current phone service runs.

Depending on the infrastructure that is used to deliver the phone service to your premises, the distinctive ring feature of your phone line may not be available after the software update is completed.  This feature is usually only used on the calls that come from the gate to your house. In the past, when the gate called your house, the phone would ring differently. This will no longer be the case.


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.  If you have any concern, the Pivit Support Team can be contacted on 1300 66 33 20 or by return email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Turf Management Programme (Feb 2017)

This article outlines the turf management programme that we have put in place with Austspray and the approach that we are implementing across all common body corporate(s) areas throughout the estate.  The process consists of a one week on and one week off mowing cycle to enable us to apply applications to the turf with the aim of significantly increasing the percentage of desirable turf species (Blue and Green Couch) through a nutrition and weed management approach.


We understand that residents have shown concern to the length of the turf and apologise as the current mowing rotation should have been completed last week on Friday 20 January 2017.


We started this programme the week before Christmas with a Granular Fertiliser application and five days later a foliar fertiliser application combined with a growth regulator. 


Why two separate fertilisers?  

They both feed the plant in a different way and rapidly promote healthy growth, the aim was to encourage the turf growth to cover bare areas and thicken the couch.  During this process we have been watering where we could with the irrigation system and the rain has helped also.  Many of the bare areas have been covered and the turf is now a healthy green colour.  The expected by-product of this application was an increase in the growth rate of the weedy grass species that you have seen within the turf, these are the species that we need to get rid of that is not allowing the estate to have the great turf it deserves.


On Saturday 21 January 2017 we began tackling the weed issues within the turf with an application of pre-emergent herbicide (this stops weed seeds germinating) and an insecticide to remove the bugs that are happily chomping on the new green and growing grass.  This treatment will reduce weed growth and increase the overall turf health.  On Tuesday 24 January 2017 we shall be applying a selective herbicide combination that targets the Bahia grass (one of our main weed grasses that you commonly see at present) Narrow Leaf, Broad Leaf Carpet Grass and Broad Leaf Weeds throughout the turf.  This treatment will take 3-4 weeks to completely kill the target weeds present, we expect to kill 80-90% of the target species with this treatment.


Post this treatment greenkeepers are programmed to carry out spot treatments through the turf to target those weeds not controlled by the applications above and will continue to spot treat the turf through to the end of our contract term.  In addition to this we have another Pre-emergent application scheduled for the second week of March and further Fertiliser applications for March and June.


Why the fortnightly mowing rotations?  

To effectively target the weed species and for the herbicide applications to work we need leaf growth and the herbicide needs time on the leaf to act.  At the moment much of the long grass growth you are seeing within the turf are the weed species, not the couch, once the weed species are gone the grass will look great.


How long will it take to look great? 

We expect by the end of March the turf will be significantly improved due to the removal of the Bahia Grass/ Broadleaf weeds and some other grass weeds species.  We estimate that the current turf we have has only 60% of the desirable species, by the end of June we hope to have this up to 90% of the desirable couch species.


The programme that we are working will only see continual improvement over the coming months, we are working with nature and encouraging change in a short time frame.  Grass takes time to grow, weeds take time to die and weed seeds keep wanting to pop up.  The lawn mowers are effectively catching the clip to reduce the spread of further weed seeds to achieve a greater result.

Coomera Town Centre update (March 2016)

From Councillor Cameron Caldwell, "I always receive lots of enquiries about the status of the Coomera Town Centre, so I just spoke to Westfield now for the latest. I am very proud to have got this project back on track and help Coomera reach its potential as a key centre for the north of our city. The Town Centre was granted a development approval by Council in March 2014. The approval had a state government imposed condition that effectively required the upgrade of exit 54 before the Town Centre could proceed.

"We were able to secure the upgrade of exit 54 which is well underway, and that has cleared the way for Westfield to proceed. At the end of last year Council granted approval for staging of the development, and the site has been completely cleared. The Town Centre is still moving ahead and we are awaiting Board approval from Westfield for them to commence bulk earthworks later this year. As an indication of how serious Westfield are about the Town Centre, they have recently contributed $9.7m towards exit 54, and their partner QIC contributed $7.6m."

More info

Pivit email accounts ceased operating Wed 10 Feb

Notice from Pivit that the email server was finally closed on Wed 10 Feb. This applies to all emails ending with and  Pivit left the email server open an extra month to allow residents more time to get new email addresses and update their subscriptions etc.

Make sure you update your Body Corporate Manager with your new email address. Click here for contact details.

CW Medical Centre closed during the search for new medicos

The Coomera Waters Medical Centre is currently closed during the search for new & enthusiastic medicos. If you are, or know, a medical professional who would be interested in servicing the centre then please contact John on 5500 0935.

Stranger danger alert

Security alert - a child on a bike was approached by a man in a white van on Sunday 31 Jan in the Rampage area. The child quickly cycled home and the van drove off. Security and local police have been informed. Security has been investigating.

Please discuss stranger danger with your children and encourage them to be aware of their surroundings and also to:

  • always travel with a friend through the estate
  • let their parents know where and when they will be out and about in the estate
  • yell out or run away if approached
  • have Security's number 5501 9299 and 000 programmed into their mobile phones

Please contact Security if you ever see anything suspicious on or around the estate 5501 9299.

Western Bay Walkway is for pedestrian use only

Just a reminder that the Western Bay Walkway (running along the water side of Nocturne Lane and Ripple Court to Sandy Beach) is for pedestrian use only. This means that you cannot ride bikes, skateboards, roller blades etc along there. Prams are allowed. There are signs about this at both ends of the walkway. The walkway is a Council easement over private property so let's all respect the rules and the rights of the residents living along the walkway.

Pivit email accounts will sease working soon

Pivit's free email accounts will cease working soon. They were meant to stop on 1 Jan, however, a grace period has been in place to allow people time to make alternate plans. This includes accounts ending with either  or 

If this affected you and you needed to change email addresses then please make sure you update your details with all subscriptions but especially your Body Corporate Manager - click here for contact details.

Pivit made this decision following new Government regulations regarding Mandatory Data Retention.
More information on the Mandatory Data Retention Regulations may be found at:

More info from Pivit on 1300 66 33 20.

Don't dump waste or park on Council fire trails

In the lead-up to fire season, Wasp Creek Rural Fire Brigade is working to reduce the risk to all homes and properties within our area. In recent inspections Wasp Creek discovered that some residents in Coomera Waters are dumping garden waste over their fences onto the Council fire trails that run at the back of homes. Some residents are also parking on the trails. These actions increase the bushfire risk to CW homes.

These fire trails are established as a buffer between homes and the natural bushland and it is imperative that they be kept clear to reduce the fuel loading. It also allows a clear access should a fire truck be responded to a fire call. It is illegal to dump waste on these Council fire trails (fines can be incurred). So please do not dump waste or park on the trails.

Please note that it is also against the CW by-laws to dump waste on any body corporate common property. So please don't just dump it - be responsible and considerate when disposing of any waste.

Here's the link for Council's green waste collection service which is available in Coomera Waters

Report all sightings of koalas on 1300 465 326

Just a reminder to report all local sightings of koalas, especially at the moment when many juvenile koalas are leaving their mothers. All the local roadworks and construction will also be making it harder for our koalas.

You can report koala sightings on 1300 465 326 or go to the Council website link below which includes access to an online form for all koala sightings

Combe and Hair Now Open at CW Marina

Combe and Hair

New Boutique Hair Salon Open at Coomera Waters Marina

Award Winning Hairdressers Emma and Lisa are available for all your hair care needs.  Specialists in Style Cuts, Hair Colouring and Hair Styling for both Men and Women.  Using Ammonia free hair colour.

Stockists of Kevin Murphy and Eleven Australia.  Using only cruelty free, sulfate free, paraben free and sustainable hair care products.

Opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - By appointment only

Thursday - 9am to 7pm

Friday - 9am to 5pm

Saturday - 8am to 2pm (later by appointment)

Follow us on Instagram & Facebook

Combe and Hair

The Beauty Room

Beauty services offered by Natasha from Beauty & Makeup 4 U.  Including waxing, tinting, peels, facials, manicures and pedicures.  To book call or text Natasha 0455100267.

Proudly stocking SKIN 02


Exit 54 roadwork updates

Exit 54 project flyer attached here from Dept of Transport & Main Roads. Roadworks started 9 August 2015. Here's the latest update about roadworks and construction over the coming week.


13 March update for the week ahead...

Work will continue behind barriers within the project site from Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm – with night works planned from Sunday to Thursday (see times below).

  • New overpass: Bridgework will continue behind barriers during the day. This will include construction of a new footpath on the northern side of the road.
  • Days Road: Earthworks and concrete works for a new retaining wall on the northern side of Days Road will continue. Construction of a new centre median will continue – between the Days Road and Abraham Road roundabout and the traffic lights to the Coomera Anglican College.
  • New M1 northbound on ramp: Retaining wall construction, drainage, electrical and road surfacing works.
  • New M1 northbound off-ramps: Earthworks will continue.
  • Abraham Road: Footpath construction, drainage works, landscaping and road surfacing work will continue.
  • Old Pacific Highway: Drainage and earthworks will continue. Work will involve reducing traffic to one lane and / or holding traffic for short periods of time, under the direction of traffic control.
  • Whitewater Way: Landscaping works are planned.
  • Southbound off ramp: Earthworks, drainage and landscaping works are planned.

Night works will also be carried out from Sunday 13 March to Thursday 17 March from 7pm to 5am on Abraham Road, Days Road roundabout, Days Road centre median and the new northbound on ramp for road surfacing, signage and linemarking works, weather permitting.

Contacting Coomera Interchange Exit 54 Project Team 24/7:
- Onsite mobile 1800 657 248
- The UHF channel in use is 19 and 34
- Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Psychologist now available at CW Medical Centre

Fit Psychology is now offering its services at the Coomera Waters Medical Centre on Tuesdays from 9am-4pm. Bookings on 07 5580 1359 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fit Psychology can provide support for a range of issues including anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, weight loss, body image, eating disorders, relationships, work stress and school stress. Medicare and private health rebates are available.

Tooraneedin Rd closed - school bus services affected

Tooraneedin Road (one way section of road in nearby Coomera Shores) is now closed for development. This will affect Coomera Waters school bus services - click here for the info sheet about affected services including a map. Ragamuffin Drive between Rampage St and Brindabella Close will not be serviced by Surfside Buslines during this period. Two new temporary bus stops are available on Wangi Way and also at the roundabout junction of Ragamuffin Drive and Ragamuffin Drive East. TransLink can be contacted on 13 12 30 or


UPDATE - When the development is completed in Oct/Nov, a new roundabout will provide both an entrance and exit to and from Coomera Waters via Tooraneedin Rd, which will replace the previous one-way stretch of road.

Join Council's Koala Friends program

Do you want to help protect the local koala habitat? Join City of Gold Coast's 'Koala Friends' program and become part of the effort to protect these special animals and their habitat. This program keeps members up to date with conservation measures in the area. For more information about this group email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 5582 8493.

You can also find more info about koala conservation at the Council website link below including an online form for all koala sightings. You can also call 1300 465 326 to report koala sightings.

Updated parking rules in CW

The Principal Bodies Corporate, in consultation with the Neighbourhood Bodies Corporate, recently reviewed parking across the estate. The following list has been passed on to Security who are using it to continue monitoring parking on behalf of the bodies corporate.

Parking by-laws are required for the safety and protection of vehicles, residents and common property in Coomera Waters. Thank you for your assistance with these rules:

  • Parking is permitted on the roadways (next to the kerb - not on the kerb or on the grass) and visitor carparks during the day and up to midnight. The only exception to this rule is there is to be no parking on roadways in Harbour Front (Brindabella) for safety reasons on their smaller sized roads.
  • Parking on the roadways and visitor carparks between the hours of midnight to 6am will incur an infringement notice.
  • Parking is not permitted at any time on the footpaths, nature strips, swale drains and other common property vegetation areas.
  • Residents may park on their own driveway with the vehicle protruding beyond the post box boundary but not encroaching on the road.
  • Parking breaches by tradespersons etc are to be monitored and policed by Security, discussing with the offending persons to move their vehicles to appropriate parking areas when required.
  • Once three infringement notices have been issued to the same vehicle, then Security will seek instructions to place a hard-to-remove sticker (designed to be a deterrent) on the offending vehicle from the respective neighbourhood body corporate representative. Each neighbourhood body corporate committee makes their own determination re the use of stickers.
  • A resident can seek permission from their neighbourhood body corporate to park on a temporary basis within visitor car spaces or on any part of common property (incl. roadways). Permission can be sought from your Body Corporate Manager (details page 2) or from Security via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will pass the request onto the relevant neighbourhood body corporate committee.
  • If short-term parking approval is given, the resident is to obtain a parking permit from Security to be displayed on the dash when parked on the approved common property area.

Rec 1 pool heated from 1 April till 1 Nov

Rec 1 pool heaters and blankets are now in use to keep the pool heated until 1 November. Please note that the pool will open at 7am each day while the heating systems are in use.

New ferry service Monday-Friday!

Sanctuary Cove Boats and Cruises have a new ferry/water taxi on-demand service from CW to Sanctuary Cove Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. No minimum numbers required. Great for mid-week outings! Cost is only $15 per adult and $5 for kids for RETURN TICKETS (there and back).  All bookings on 07 5577 9477 or 0414 533 300 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

They are also still running their weekend ferry service from Coomera Waters to Sanctuary Cove on Friday & Saturday nights plus Saturday and Sunday for lunch. Costs are the same as above - return tickets $15 for adults and $5 for kids (ages 5-15) See the link for the weekend timetable.

Security alert following CW break-in and robbery

Following a recent break-in and robbery in Serenade Drive on our estate (on 19 March), please be reminded to be vigilant about the security of your home and vehicles by keeping all doors and windows locked. Coomera Regional Security monitors household alarm systems for free (once installed) - call them on 5501 9299 for more info. Please keep a look out in your area and report anything suspicious to Security also on 5501 9299.