Body Corporate

What is a Body Corporate?

It is a group of owners who share common facilities and costs in maintaining those facilities in a specified area.

Can I find out what Body Corporate I live in?

Check your Body Corporate levy statements regularly sent to you. You can also check other areas of this website - Click here for Body Corporate & ARC info or Click here for the Get In Touch contacts page.

Who are the Body Corporate Chairpersons?

Find out this info by calling your Body Corporate community manager - either Aquila Body Corporate Managament (5529 9806), Bright & Duggan Strata Professionals (5532 1900) or SSKB (5504 2000) which are the companies that look after specific local body corporate committes in our estate.

What is a PBC or Principal Body Corporate?

It is a committee made up of the representatives of each of the neighbourhood Body Corporates to manage common issues across the community. i.e. Security and Recreation centres. There are three PBCs - 1, 2 and 3. They each have a chairperson. You can contact each PBC via Aquila Body Corporate Management on 5529 9806 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Where does your Body Corporate payment go?

Your contribution is pooled with other owners’ payments to maintain your community and common areas.  This includes:  Electricity  Onsite manager (if appropriate)  Insurance, including public liability  Gardens and pool (if appropriate)  General maintenance and repairs  Administration (typically 5% or less)  Banking  Sinking fund for capital replacement (includes Road maintenance and repairs among other things)

How is your Body Corporate contribution determined?

Every year at the annual general meeting, your Body Corporate committee decides how much it will collect to maintain your community. This is based on a forecasted budget of expenditure and full information is provided to all residents.

Like a say about issues that affect our Community?

You can have a say by becoming a committee member, or contributing to discussions at your annual general meeting  (AGM). Alternatively contact your Body Corporate Community Manager. You can discover where your community’s money is allocated and help plan new improvement projects.

Whose responsibility is it to make sure Contributions are paid?

It is the lot owners’ responsibility to ensure that their correct address is registered with the Community Manager and that they make their payment on time.

What are Administrative, Sinking, Insurance and Special Funds?

Your Body Corporate might consist of two or more funds. They would be Administrative Fund, Sinking Fund, Insurance Fund. A. Administrative Fund The Administrative Fund is for items which are for daily expenditure in the process of running and maintaining the Body Corporate. This includes all repairs and maintenance that would occur to building, plant and equipment, electrical, gardens and grounds etc. It would also include Caretaking Fees which is for the Manager to clean and maintain parts of the common property as per his agreement. It would also include community power for the running of pumps, lights, etc. B. Sinking Fund A Sinking Fund Forecast is usually prepared by a Quantity Surveyor. It is a 10 year forecast of major expenditure which includes painting the common property, including the exterior of the buildings, major repairs to roads and upgrading common property. These items are of major expenditure and therefore need to be contributed to by all Owners. The reasoning behind this fund is that if you occupied your Lot for 5 years and the re-surfacing of the road is due in year 10, your Lot has contributed to 5 years towards this. C. Insurance Fund Though in most instances the Insurance Fund will be included in the Administrative Fund Budget, some Body Corporates have it as a separate fund. Body Corporates are usually titled in two ways, as a Building Format Plan or as a Standard Format Plan. As a Building Format Plan the Body Corporate is responsible for the insurance of the building and the common property. As a Standard Format Plan the Body Corporate is responsible for ensuring common property only. In this instance individual residences are the responsibility of the Owners. In a Standard Format Plan common property would include any gates, light poles and infrastructure which could be damaged or need replacing under an insurance claim. The insurance also includes Public Liability and Office Bearer’s Liability.

How do I contact my Local or Principal Body Corporate committees?

To contact Principal Bodies Corporate you need to contact Sue Cubbin at Aquila Body Corporate Management on 5529 9806 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Your issue will then be referred to the relevant Principal Body Corporate committee. If it is a local body corporate matter then please contact either SSKB (5504 2000), Aquila (5529 9806), Strata Gem (5531 2622) or Bright & Duggan (5532 1900) depending on which area you live in. Check out the chart on the Body Corporate & ARC - click here page to find who manages your area.

How do I join my Local Body Corporate committee?

To be elected to your local Body Corporate committee you need to be a lot owner who is nominated and elected at the committee's Annual General Meeting (AGM). You will be informed by mail as to the date of this meeting each year.

How do I update my contact details or mailing address?

Contact Aquila (5529 9806), Bright & Duggan (5532 1900) or SSKB (5504 2000) - depending on which BC area you live in CW. They will change your details to make sure your Body Corp levy notices are sent to the right place.

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